2022 Webinars

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Benchmarking for Farm Success March 2022

Chris Laughton, Director of Knowledge Exchange at Farm Credit East, discusses business benchmarking and its potential value for your agricultural enterprise. Chris covers a number of topics related to benchmarking, including:

  • What is benchmarking, anyway?
  • Why should I use benchmarks in my farm management?
  • How can they help me improve my profitability?
  • Where can I find benchmark data? And How can I use it?
  • What should I consider next?

This webinar is recommended for any agricultural managers who wish to take their businesses to the next level of success. Regardless of size, how long you’ve been in business or whether you’re happy with your current profit levels or not, benchmarking can help.

Livestock and Dairy Insurance Programs

USDA RMA Program Specialist Will Barnes discusses a number of livestock and dairy related programs that are offered by USDA RMA. This webinar provides an update on these policies.


USDA Program Specialist Sarah Fournier discusses non-insured disaster programs (NAP).

USDA Multiperil Crop Insurance

USDA Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policies have received changes, including the new Direct Market Tomato policy. This webinar provides an update on these policies and is presented by USDA RMA Program Specialist Alex Serrano.

New WFRP Micro Provisions Crop Insurance

Introducing the NEW Micro Provisions of Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) for the 2022 crop year. Farmers with gross sales of under $100,000 will qualify for this program. Please note this webinar also includes important information on the traditional WRFP. Conducted by USDA RMA Program Specialist Mary Staak.